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His Eminence, Metropolitan JOSEPH, Primate
Archpriest Michael Tassos, Rector
Priest Jon Fate, Attached
Protodeacon Stephen Bell, Attached
Archpriest Michael Lewis of blessed memory

Weekly Services at St. Luke’s

Beginning September 12th, in-person services will be held indoors, with modifications, at 25% maximum capacity. Parishioners MUST be signed up to attend.  Please call or email the church office before Fridays at 12pm to sign up.  Please do not come to a church service if you are not signed up to attend.  All services will continue to be live-streamed.

 Great Vespers ~ Saturdays ~ 5pm
Matins ~ Sundays ~ 8:50am
Divine Liturgy ~ Sundays ~ 10am

 St. Luke YouTube Channel/Live Stream Services click HERE

Special Announcements

Orange County has now entered the red tier which allows for in-person church services indoors, with modifications, at 25% maximum capacity.  You must sign up in order to attend Great Vespers and/or Matins & Divine Liturgy.  We will only be able to allow parishioners who have signed up to attend.  Please call the church office or email Anna in order to sign up.  Please do not come to a church service if you are not signed up.  Services will continue to be live-streamed so that the faithful at home may still join in prayer. 

If  you or any member of your household are sick, have a fever, or have been exposed to COVID-19 in the last 14 days, please stay home.    If you know that you have been exposed to someone who recently tested positive for COVID-19 and you have not been tested we kindly ask that, for the sake of our Saint Luke’s family, you refrain from attending services for a period of 14 days and/or confirm that you recently tested negative for COVID-19.

If you and/or any member of your household who have attended divine services test positive for COVID-19, please contact the church immediately. 

*Face coverings are required.  Children 3 and older will also need to wear a face covering to attend services.*

COVID-19 Warning for Places of Worship: Even with adherence to physical distancing, convening in a congregational setting of multiple different households carries a relatively higher risk for widespread transmission of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).  COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death.  All those who are 65 years old or older; have serious underlying medical conditions; or have a compromised immune system are encouraged to remain at home consistent with guidance provided by the California Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control.



His Eminence Metropolitan JOSEPH’s 2020 Paschal Greetings

Great and Holy Pascha 2020

Before the symbolical ark, David, God’s forefather, did leap and dance. Let us, therefore, the holy people, seeing the fulfillment of these symbols, rejoice with divine rejoicing; for Christ the Almighty is risen. ​
Fourth Ode of the Paschal Canon

Christ is Risen! Indeed, He is Risen! ​

Beloved in Christ,

During this bright feast of Holy Pascha, let us not be cast down with thoughts of what we lack but filled with divine rejoicing at all that Christ the Almighty has bestowed on us. No longer do we need an Ark or a Temple to come into the presence of God for Christ has descended into Hades and risen from the dead, “that He might fill all things with Himself.” No longer do we fear death for Christ is the “First-born from the dead” and “He shall be all things, the first in all things.” ​

Beloved in Christ, although we have spent these days in physical distance from one another, let us nevertheless dance and leap for joy at the Resurrection of Christ unites each one of us to God, to one another, and to the inhabitants of the heavens.

With fervent prayers for a joyous feast of Pascha and a hastening of that day when we will gather together once again in our churches, I remain,

Yours in the Risen Lord,

Archbishop of New York and Metropolitan of all North America


Metropolitan JOSEPH’S Pastoral Letter for Holy Week

April 10, 2020

Beloved Faithful in Christ,

Greetings to all of you in the Name of our Great God and Savior, Jesus Christ!

By the grace of God, we have come to the completion of the forty-day fast. Our ascetical labors this year have been without the consolations of the Lenten services or the gathering of the faithful to receive the Holy Eucharist. We have made these difficult decisions to protect our vulnerable brothers and sisters as well as our health care workers by reducing opportunities for this novel virus to spread unchecked.  I know that this has been as immensely difficult for all of you as it has been for me.  We all long for that day when we will gather again in our churches to receive the Heavenly Bread and the Cup of Life as the people of God.

We hoped that we would be able to return to a normal liturgical life during Holy Week and Pascha. Unfortunately, after much prayer and deliberation, in coordination with our Mother Church of Antioch and the other Orthodox jurisdictions comprising the Assembly of Bishops as well as with the advice of the civil authorities and public health officials, we have determined that the time is not yet here. While we are heartbroken to extend the restrictions of our services to clergy, servers and chanters during this most holy time of the year, we take heart knowing that we are all sharing this burden together.

We give thanks to God that we are beginning to hear of hopeful signs in this fight.  We even hear of plans for a return to normal life or as they say a new normal.  Beloved in Christ, I want us to reflect this Holy Week – in the quiet prayerfulness of our little home churches – on what we should consider normal. So much of what our fallen humanity considers normal was transformed by the Passion and Resurrection of our Savior. How can we continue to strive for power, wealth, or lusts of the flesh when we look on the Cross of our Crucified Master? How can we willingly enslave ourselves to sin when Christ has broken our bonds asunder and raised up our fallen nature by His Resurrection?

Let our thirst for a return to normal life not be for a return to what is natural to our fallen human state but for a life full of grace and holiness. Let our new normal include this increased life of prayer in our homes. Let it continue to include a willingness to sacrifice our needs for the needs of our neighbor, a greater sense of responsibility to our wider community, a deepened feeling of gratitude for our many blessings, a heightened concern for the elderly and vulnerable, and an increased respect for our health care workers and first responders. When we are able to return triumphantly to our churches – as the crowds joined Christ triumphantly entering Jerusalem – let our desire for the Holy Eucharist today be a reminder for all our days to never take it for granted. Let our every reception going forward be with greater love for God and our neighbor, forgiveness for all who have offended us, prayerful preparation, genuine repentance, and true thanksgiving.

Beloved in Christ, I offer my gratitude to all of you for your cooperation during these trying times. We have heard many times this week that, although there are signs of hope, the time to let up on the social distancing measures has not yet arrived. Likewise, our time of fervent prayer for our deliverance from this pandemic is still vitally necessary. We need all of our homes to be churches during this Holy Week, and we need all your prayers to be offered up continually as sweet-smelling incense.  Do not let up, my dear spiritual children!

This year we will anticipate the glorious Resurrection on the third day as the disciples did – from within our homes with the doors being shut. Just as the Resurrected Christ came to them in the Upper Room to reveal His victory over sin and death, may He also reveal Himself mystically in all our homes and instill in our hearts the joy of His presence and the firm assurance that He has overcome world.

With great love and fervent prayers for all as we bow down and worship the lifegiving and saving Passion of our Lord, I remain,

Your Father in Christ,


Archbishop of New York and Metropolitan of all North America


URGENT: Updated COVID-19 Policy From His Eminence Metropolitan JOSEPH

March 17, 2020

Beloved Faithful in Christ,

Greetings and blessings to you and your families in the Name of our Great God and Savior, Jesus Christ!

As we cautioned in our encyclical of last week, we are in the midst of a rapidly changing situation, and it was likely that we would be asked to make more sacrifices to contain the spread of the coronavirus. With yesterday’s announcement of the new CDC recommendations by President Trump, that time has sadly come. With pain of heart, but also hope in our Lord, I ask the clergy and faithful of our Archdiocese to abide by these new directives that we may do our part in combatting this pandemic:

1.    Beginning today, all parishes are instructed to cancel all non-liturgical, in-person activities including schools, business meetings, and social functions.

2.   All liturgical services will be served with only clergy, servers, and chanters. No liturgical service can total more than ten persons.

3.   Churches should remain open during the week as much as possible for people to offer individual prayers and light candles.

4.   Priests are instructed to limit services to only the Akathist/Medayeh and Sunday Orthros & Divine Liturgy as well as the liturgy for the Annunciation on March 25th as outlined by the Department of Liturgics.

5.   All parishes are encouraged to take advantage of the technology at our disposal to livestream the divine services and offer education to the faithful.

6.   The Archdiocese will provide service texts for the faithful to pray at home during this time of social distancing. Please see the Liturgics section of our website for the new offerings.

7.   All measures to ensure the cleaning and sanitizing of the church must continue even though we are limiting our numbers of faithful in attendance.

8.   Funerals must be limited to the guidelines set by our civil authorities.

9.   Baptisms should be postponed except for cases of emergency.

10.  Finally, we pray that by implementing these measures in coordination with our civil authorities, we can hasten the time when it will be safe to return to a full liturgical life in church, and, God willing, save lives at the same time.

While we hoped that these kinds of measures would be unnecessary, I ask that we keep in the mind the example of the monastic rule kept by the brotherhood of St. Zosimas described in the Life of St. Mary of Egypt:

After crossing the Jordan, they all scattered far and wide in different directions. And this was the rule of life they had, and which they all observed — neither to talk to one another, nor to know how each one lived and fasted. If they did happen to catch sight of one another, they went to another part of the country, living alone and always singing to God, and at a definite time eating a very small quantity of food. In this way they spent the whole of the Great Fast and used to return to the monastery a week before the Resurrection of Christ, on the eve of Palm Sunday. Each one returned having his own conscience as the witness of his labor, and no one asked another how he had spent his time in the desert. Such were the rules of the monastery.

Although our time of social distancing is not quite the same type of asceticism, let us treat it as a sacrificial offering of love to God and our neighbor. We hope that this will be a time reminiscent of the home churches of the early days of Christianity and that there may be a hidden blessing of families being together to pray and nurture one another in the Faith. Let us continue our work of prayer, repentance, and almsgiving during this time, and beseech God to grant us to come together once again, as those monks of the Sinai desert, to commemorate His Life-Giving and Saving Passion and Glorious Third-Day Resurrection.

With great paternal love and fervent prayers for the health of the souls and bodies of all of our faithful, I remain,

Your Father in Christ,

Archbishop of New York and Metropolitan of all North America​


Please continue to pray for Metropolitan PAUL and Archbishop JOHN and for their quick release from captivity and safe return!

FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 2020
Joint Statement Marks Seven Year Anniversary of Kidnapping of Aleppo Bishops.  Click HERE to read.





Upcoming at St. Luke

  • Thursdays in October: Antiochian Women Book Study via Zoom at 6:30pm.
  • October 14, 2020: Teen SOYO Zoom Discussion with Fr. Michael at 4pm.

Upcoming in the Orthodox Community

  • All meetings, retreats, and gatherings have been cancelled until further notice.
  • The Diocese of LA and the West Parish Life Conference has been cancelled.
Morning Prayer of the Optina Elders

O Lord, grant that I may meet all that this coming day brings to me with spiritual tranquility. Grant that I may fully surrender myself to your holy will.

At every hour of this day, direct and support me in all things. Whatsoever news may reach me in the course of the day, teach me to accept it with a calm soul and the firm conviction that all is subject to your holy will.

Direct my thoughts and feelings in all my words and actions. In all unexpected occurrences, do not let me forget that all is under your care.

Grant that I may deal straightforwardly and wisely with every member of my family, neither embarrassing nor saddening anyone.

O Lord, grant me the strength to endure the fatigue of the coming day and all the events that take place during it. Direct my will and teach me to pray, to believe, to hope, to be patient, to forgive, and to love. Amen.

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