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2016-17 Teacher & Classroom Assignments

Grade Teacher Location
Preschool Mrs. Katherine Archer Room 5
Kindergarten Mrs. Lauren Green and Ms. Rachel Salamone Room 4
1st & 2nd Grade Ms. Angie Malouf and Ms. Sabina Timothy Room 2
3rd & 4th Grade Mrs. Mona Bahu Room 8
5th & 6th Grade M/M Dean & Tammy Salamone; Ms. Taylor Salamone Room 6-7
7th & 8th Grade Mr. Pal Lengyel-Leahu & Mr. Lloyd Speckman Room 3
High School Mr. Mark Bentley and Mr. Trent Speier Stage Classroom
GAP Group Ms. Melody Bahu Room 9
Superintendent Ms. Anna Nasser