What is GAP?

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The GAP Orthodox are orthodox faithful who have graduated High School, are in college, have started careers or are active in the workforce, and have not yet married. The GAP Program follows a step by step approach to keeping these adults involved in the life of the church. They are encouraged to join one of the many stewardship programs and organization in a parish such as the ladies society, choir, chanters, ushers, Sunday School, and FOCUS program, to name a few.

GAP also contains a membership driven, fellowship component, where members participate in regular orthodox discussions, outreach, service, and social functions, creating an identity for them and their peers within the parish.

The goal of GAP is to keep the Orthodox church and church life that these adults experienced, first in Sunday School, and then in Teen SOYO without letting them fall into the “Gap” that occurs when they graduate High School and leave those programs. GAP transitions this group into active parishioners who will contribute to the life of their parish.

There are various forms of programs individual parishes have attempted throughout the Archdiocese. GAP has the blessing of our Archbishop JOSEPH as a pilot program in the SoCal deanery.

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Orthodox Christian Coalition for Healthy Youth

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OCCHY is a unique national alliance founded and supported by the Department of Youth and Parish Ministries of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese. We are establishing, training and leading substance abuse prevention and intervention coalitions across America.


  • Address factors that increase the dangers associated with underage drinking, binge drinking, prescription medication abuse, tobacco use, illegal drug use, and other substance use and abuse.
  • Establish and maintain collaborative efforts among community members within local, state, government and non-profit agencies to address the issues of drug use and actively work to reduce problems associated with substance abuse.

 In addition, Orthodox Christian Coalitions:

  • Address Righteous Living
  • Promote Healthy Sexuality
  • Address the Issue of Bullying
  • Encourage Respect for the Sanctity of the Human Body
  • Work to Build Strong Leaders in Body, Mind and Spirit

For more information, visit the OCCHY website.